Piano music write / engraving

Hi, Clearly I am not used to writing piano music. The bar of concern in the original score looks like

when I input into Dorico Pro 5.1.32: I first input the mimim (F, G, C) in RH and F-lipped the stem up. I then input the LH and moved to staff above (Option N) - and the result was all notes on one down stem.

Passion_m140.pdf (14.2 KB)

Question - what do I need to do to recreate the original score?


Just enter all the Left hand notes in the bottom staff, then select the first three chords and use N to turn them into cross staff notes on the top staff.

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In the future, could you please rotate your posted image to horizontal? Turning my 42" monitor on its side to read an example is a bit inconvenient. :smirk:

Dorico can engrave music backwards:

but so far it can’t engrave music vertically…

Creating vertical music in Dorico is even more challenging than creating upside-down music. Everything you see in the music frame is text attached to two vertical lines and a horizontal line rotated 90 degrees in engrave mode:

The staff uses many instances of staff5LinesWide (U+E01A) attached to a vertical line with 25pt Bravura Text as the font style. The music symbols on the staff are text attached to a second vertical line superimposed on the first. These symbols include barlineSingle (U+E030), gClef (U+E050), accidentalFlat (U+E260), and various characters in the Individual notes range (U+E1D0–U+E1EF). The flats and notes are combined with characters in the Combining staff positions range (U+EB90–U+EB9F) to place them on the desired staff line or space. The lyrics are text attached to a rotated horizontal line with 11pt Academico as the font style.