Piano notation after MIDI import

Hi guis, please is there any tool or workaround that helps me with adjustments piano parts between stafs (left/right hands). See please example in my picture. Thanks for some ideas.

Select the notes you wish to move, and press N.

To move to the staff below, press M.

Thanks a lot. It works partially. Beams stay still in left hand staff.

LOL, sorry… haven’t had my coffee. I should have said ALT-N and ALT-M.

I think Dan meant Alt-N and Alt-M, not M and N.

In more complicated situations you can also use Voices / Change Voice to split up the “chords” into separate lines of notes.

You may also benefit from this article on real-time MIDI import: https://www.scoringnotes.com/tips/real-time-midi-recording-in-dorico/

Maybe helpful: I’ve set a streamdeck page (for this on my iPhone) that includes only shortcuts useful for fixing piano midi imports. Even without a streamdeck it’s worth thinking conceptually about the various things you need to do and find or create shortcuts for them.

Thank you everybody. Some information was helpful. I feel better.