Piano part sustain is missing


I imported the GM file, put it on the tracks, played the songs only to find the piano part sustain is missing. Is there anywhere i can edit/add the sustain in piano rolls.

You can add it manually in the Key Editor. At the bottom it will default to “Velocity”, but you can click on this and change it to “Sustain”, then import the correct data.

I’ve also seen users put their MIDI recording in Mix mode and “play” the sustain parts on their sustain pedal and merge the files.

It is odd that Sustain data would not import. Did you create the MIDI file yourself? What program did you use to create it?

Tq Chris, for the prompt reply.

I cant change the Velocity to Sustain (check the img), dont know if i m doing it right.

I am using Cubasis 1.6 on ipad2.

The MIDI file download from the net.

I’m sorry, this was my mistake as I did not notice we were in the Cubasis section, not Cubase. In Cubasis there is no option to edit sustain-data so far. In addition the app deals with sustain-data differently when you use the DAW to record. It translates sustain directly into note-length.

So unfortunately if you import GM-Files containing sustain information, it will be ignored.
We have this issue on our request-list.

I hope this feature will be part of the next update. It will be my main sequencer :slight_smile: