Piano Pedal accross two movements

Dear all,

I am writing a piece where I need the piano pedal to be sustained from the last bar of the first movement over to the following bars of the second movement. (I believe the dorico term is first flow to second flow?)

Is there a way to make this happen? Also, how do I tell Dorico to play back attacca?

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Not sure the held-over piano pedal is possible, but you can tell Dorico not to pause between flows in Playback Options > Timing > Flows > Gap Between Flows, but it will apply to the pause between all flows in your project.

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…Or… write the two movements in a single flow!
In Engrave you can obtain the same aspect!


You can create the visual effect of an ongoing pedal line by changing the start sign appearance of the one at the start of the second flow to e.g. text, and changing the text to be an empty space. Ditto for the pedal line at the end of the first flow and changing its line end using properties.