Piano Pedal line disappears in full score?

Strange thing is happening here and it seems it has to do with the staff being added but I can’t quite figure it out. I have a pedal line in the piano part and it’s appearing in the part but not the score. Any idea why? Here’s the same spot in both:

From part:

From score:

Would you be able to provide the project file (or a cut-down version of it that just demonstrates these bars, if you don’t want to share the whole thing)? If it’s a large file, try applying the Silence playback template first to reduce its size.

Thanks @Lillie_Harris. Here’s the file. The moment in question is in the very last system of the piece.
07 Entrance Music, 08 Exit Music v3.dorico (1.5 MB)

Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll be able to resolve this in a simple fashion. You have (I think) eight or nine staves in your piano instrument, and because of the way that pedal lines work – which is that they are attached to the first staff in the instrument, but draw under the last staff in the instrument – you don’t have many options. There are two more staves below the one that is shown at the end of the flow; if you could rejig things such that the staff shown at the end of the flow where the pedal line should appear is actually the bottom staff in the instrument, that should allow the pedal line to appear.

Thanks @dspreadbury. I have successfully rejigged and it’s working! :slight_smile: