Piano pedal line disappears

I have read earlier posts on this issue, but the case I have hit today in D5 appears to be somewhat different. I have a piano score which alternates between two and three staves. The pedal lines appear just fine under the three staves. But then I hit a section reverted back to two staves and it appears on the first page and disappears thereafter for the rest of the flow starting on the following pages. This is not good :frowning:

What to do? [Is there a chance this is a defect of some sort?]

Here’s a picture, if that helps.

Have I deleted the wrong staff? Is that it?

Have a look at this thread from November last year.

Why does mine only disappear on the next page and thereafter? Inversely, why does it show on the page before if I have deleted the wrong staff?

OK. So if I add back the deleted staff, so bac k to three, the pedal line reappears.

Now, what is the correct way to move music up a staff? Using M and N does not seem to be right. Or is it?

Use alt/opt M or N to move the music to the staff below or above. M or N “crossstaffs” the music but do not really move it.

I need to really move it. N and M is not the answer. Its a shift so I can correct the staff issue, not a cross staff. And after all, I am going to delete the staff where it comes from.

Still looking for the proper way to do this for many pages of music.

Aha! Its Alt-N. There it is in the menu.

That’s that part solved. Neat. It’s here: