Piano Pedal Markings

Yes, it’ll be before the end of the month.

If Dorico 1.1 is to be released this month, as predicted, you should figure next Monday or Tuesday since (based on past history) the Team will likely want to allow several workdays for members to man this forum to help people with questions and difficulties before a well deserved break for most of them on the following weekend.

I seriously doubt Daniel will confirm this, since he studiously has avoided doing so, and for good reason. If the release occurs earlier, then you can be grateful; if later, then it is almost certainly for a good reason.

We very rarely release anything on a Monday or on a Friday, but that still leaves three days in the middle of the week, each of which is as likely as any other. The release will be next week, though, and not this week (though perhaps I will be able to share the final list of changes in the update before the update itself is made available).