Piano pedal shows up in piccolo after condensing

After upgrading to Pro (hurray!) I tried condensing. I have a hidden piano part at the very bottom of the score with the original notes. When I clicked “Condensing” suddenly the hidden pedal of the piano is now showing high up in the piccolo line and it won’t go back anymore (also without condensing), unless I make at least one piano staff visible. As soon as I hide the piano it again shows up in the piccolo. Any ideas what I can do?

Would you be able to share your project, or at least a small chunk of it, so we can take a look and see what might be going on?

Yes, I can share the first 9 bars, no problem.
Helen Hopekirk - Sundown - Snippet.dorico (1.0 MB)


Thanks. I think some combination of having a piano with quite so many staves and then hiding all of them with a manual staff visibility change is upsetting things. It looks like there’s something for us to fix here.

Thanks for checking!
Also the 5 staves came from an xml import from a Sibelius file. I don’t have Sibelius, so can’t check if the original file had 3 or 5 staves for the piano.