Piano Pedal


where can I find the ornamentic “Ped.” sign? Where the “*”?


In the next update, AFAIK. Check out Daniel’s development diary #16 on his Making Notes blog.

You can, in the meantime, use the workaround with shift+x, then in the upper right menu, choose Text music, and paste the Ped and * you can find in the Bravura font — you can find them in the SMULF page Browse the glyphs | SMuFL

Hope it helps !

Thanks for this info. I don’t understand how you translate typing these codes in the Bravura font (i.e., “U+E650”) into the desired pedaling symbol. Can you explain how that works? Thank you!

Just copy the actual glyph and paste it into your Shift-X generated text. But be sure to change the Character Style in the upper right corner of the text editor from (None) to Music Text, otherwise it won’t paste.