Piano Pedals

Hello everyone
Some questions concerning Piano Pedal:
1. Is it possible to make piano pedal lines invisible? I guess not. I tried with white color and opacity=0. Didn’t work.
2. Let’s assume that we have in a measure a pedal line with retakes. Can we copy these data in automation lane, without inputting actual pedal lines?
3. If all the above fails, how can one input in a 2/4 measure pedal data (CC=64) in automation lane in every 16th note? Graphically is very difficult. In the picture below you see pedal automation data after inputting them graphically on the score. I want to reproduce it without inputting them graphically.

Welcome to the forum, dsyk. If you want to have pedal lines sound on playback but not appear in the score, you will need to add data to the automation lane in Play mode for MIDI controller 64, as you’ve found. You can’t currently “freeze” the playback effect of pedal lines to the automation lane and then subsequently delete the pedal line, but that’s an interesting idea. You might find adding the automation data easier if you change the zoom level and use a smaller grid value.

You can make all pedal lines invisible by setting both the hook and label, or something like that.

Edit: found it. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=951286

Thank you Daniel and dankreider. The implementation of the idea of freezing pedal lines would be very useful.