Piano Player should have treble and bass on 2 different channels for midi export

When working in Dorico 4 with a piano player, the treble and bass clef are included on one channel. In Finale the treble and the bass clef are separated on 2 different systems, although the channel 1 is the same for treble as bass. However before exporting it as midifile one can change the bass clef to channel 2. This way one can use it as a practice file in the keyboard as the score shows the treble and bass clef clearly separated. Otherwise, the score shows the bass notes as well in the treble clef and to separate them by hand is a bit cumbersome. To achieve the separation of treble and bass in Dorico I have to use instead of a piano player for example a singer with voice Bass / violin and for bass a singer with voice Bass / Bass Violin to have the 2 clefs clearly separated afterwards in a midi file. Once exported one can revoice the midi voices back to piano. This is always a little workaround. It would be better when the piano player in Dorico would have already the treble and bass clearly separated on two different channels. Would this be possible in a near future update?

I do not have that experience when importing XML into Dorico 4 fom a Finale-generated score. Showing voice colors lets me see that Dorico is importing LH and RH notes onto the appropriate staves.

I suspect the program you use to generate the XML is responsible for the way the notes appear in your Dorico import. What program produced the XML for you?

No, I am not importing an XML file. I am working in Dorico with piano player. When you look into play back mode you find there only one track, which includes trebel and bass notes. However when I use different voices as singer soprano and singer bass there are 2 tracks one for treble and one for bass singer of course. This way I can export a midi file which has to seperate tracks on different channels, for example 1 and 2. But when export the piano player as midi, treble and bass is together in one track / channel. To use such midi in a keyboard as a score is not useful.

By default, Dorico provides one track per instrument, regardless of how many staves that instrument usually has. You can enable independent voice playback in Play mode to give each voice a separate track (including the RH/LH voices for pianos).

You mean this “Turn on IRV”. I have used this option, which creates in playback mode seperate tracks. One has to carefully input above and below stems however, to get a correct result of treble and bass. Otherwise notes played in bass clef mode could appear in treble track. However, these IRV tracks will not be exported when creating a midi file, they cannot be selected in the export window, there only “Partie! (german language) can be ticked.

Yes, you are right with IRV turned on, you get individual tracks. When it is turned on, then midi is exported with this separate tracks. However I must mention, when for example in treble clef you have more voices with different values e.g. a chord with one half note and 2 with quarter note value, then the half note gets separated on a new track. In Bass clef when notes are above middle C, they get separated on a new treble clef and vice versa with treble clef. This way I have got 4 tracks on an example I have recorded today. This means once exported to midi you have to clean up the additional tracks in your DAW to get a score for your keyboard with only one treble and bass clef as it should be.

You could temporarily put all notes in all voices on each staff into the same voice prior to exporting, either in the current project which you then undo, or in a saved-as version.

Yes, Lillie, I have tried it and this way it works. Of course it is a little work around with filtering and press V to change the voice to have the same voice in the treble or bass clef, in case there have been different chord (more than 1 note) note values. Then only two tracks are left with staff a (treble) and staff b (bass). Then the midi export has a treble and bass clef channel only. Thanks for your support.