Piano quality equal in halion sonic and sonic SE?

I’ve hooked a cheap midi keyboard to my DAW and toyed around with Halion Sonic SE’s Bright Acoustic Piano.
Since I have a cheap midi device, where I cannot change the velocity of the keys played I tried to adjust them in Cubase.

What I’ve experienced so far: The notes with lower velocity simply sound quieter. While I am fully aware that the sound synth of my midi keyboard itself is cheap I hoped for more elaborated feel of the keys when using Halion Sonic SE.
Like some sort of hearing the hammers more when playing forte (=setting high velocity?) and have a softer sound when lowering the velocity.

As I only own Halion Sonic SE I cannot compare whether the piano in the full version is more advanced. (I am aware of an evaluation but won’t “waste” it by looking only at one feature yet)

AFAIK the non SE version allows to tune bow movement on strings, which is not possible in SE so I might get a better sound?

If not, I probably tweaked the wrong parameters and a hint would be appreciated.

Additionally: When listening to real pianos I love the sympathetic resonance when the sustain pedal is pressed and I have the feeling, that Sonic SE is not getting close to it.

I am curious whether Sonic SE is already a very high level of what you can digitally get, or is it just a good start.


Have You tried the yamaha es90 grand in Halion sonic se?

The Pianos in Halion Sonic are superb! But they don’t have sympathetic Resonance. I am a Pianist and i have many Vsti plug ins, and i really like the pianos in Halion Sonic, the jazy warm grand, and the Natural Grand. The Pianos in Halion Sonic se are Not good, the yamaha Grand is a Little bether, but not good.

Sorry for my Bad English,

Greetings vom Alten

For a better piano experience = The Grand se… take note however there’s no upgrade path to the full version.