Piano reduction

Does anyone know - is it possible to mark an instrument as using a “small staff” for e.g. a piano reduction?

Select something on the staff, right-click, and use “Stave size” in the menu.

Oh good gracious, there it is! Thank you.

Do we only have the choice of 60%, 75% or 100%? I don’t find it logical that the settings for staff size should be in Write mode, and that one has to click on something in the staff and then use the contextual menu. I’d imagine this to be a Setup setting. In any case, I’d have had no idea where to look to find it in the documentation.

At the moment, the choice is limited to those three values only by virtue of the fact that we didn’t want to have a dialog to specify a custom value, but we could relatively easily add such a thing. Generally speaking making the staff smaller is only needed for e.g. cue staves in a solo instrument-and-piano or similar context. If you want to make staves smaller more generally, e.g. because you suddenly have an off-stage brass band crashing in, then you can change the global staff size (i.e. for all staves) at any system break via the Properties panel.

Thank you Daniel for that information ! I think it is really brilliant to be able to change the size in the middle of the project ! Something I sometimes wanted to do in Sibelius and never found how (if it is possible).

The Edit > Staff Size > Custom Staff Size… dialog doesn’t work in a project with piano reduction I’m working on.

The global staff size changes on a system break in Engrave Mode work just fine in the same project.
Also in other projects I can change the staff size to a custom percentage (via Edit > Staff Size > Custom Staff Size…).

I’m on Windows 10 with Dorico 1.1.10. The project was started in earlier versions of the program, some of the music was done via MusicXML Import.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

It might be due to what you’re selecting before you invoke the dialog: you must have a note or another explicit event selected. If you have a bar rest or even just a regular rest selected, chances are it won’t work.

If you find that it still doesn’t work even after you select a note in the relevant staff, please zip up your project and attach it here.

That did the trick, thank you.

Before that I had a slightly odd work-around by putting the staff size to 60% or 75% in the menu, after that it seemed to work with a custom percentage as well (but probably only because I had the right things selected by chance).