Piano roll and naming tracks


Has anyone come accross with this new Cubase 11 a time lag when right clicking mouse to bring tools up in piano roll.
It happens when right clicking to choose the erase and then back tothe pointer,scissors etc

Also noticing the same anomaly when right clicking to name a track after highlighting it. you have to wait to click again about anything up to 10 seconds
All other motions with mouse seem ok up to now.
I expect when clicking on anything it should work instantly almost

Note-- I have now come to the conclusion that it may be the mouse or win 10 update,But mouse is suspect now.
It is responsive to all things except the right click response. It is an annoying niggle.

All the best


There is very little delay in the Key Editor. The reason is, Cubase is waiting for double-click (if it happens or not). On my side the delay is around 0.3 sec.

Hi Martin
Cubase 11 is still exceeding my expectations.
I could not understand what was going on as all worked well but the double click on the mouse on certain things.
I do not know whether it was a win 10 update that got my Logitech mouse or maybe it was on it’s way out.
I had a spare cordless mouse which used to eat batteries and the pointer would not show up on my music computer.
I looked behind me and noticed it ws working on my internet general all purpose computer.
So the Asus mouse matched the Asus tower but not my I7 custom built by PC Specialists uk.
I got hold of a new mouse and it started to lag again , but when i pulled down the speed slider in mouse properties under Control Panel things started to look like Christmas again. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just a little tweak and the mouse is now up to speed with everything. All very fast again.
So it leads me to believe that my old mouse was giving up the ghost :unamused:

Thanks for reply and have a jolly good Christmas

All the Best