Piano Roll doesnt make sound when moving notes using mouse

Im new with Cubase8.5,

  1. When im using Key editor \ Piano Roll im writing notes and when im moving the notes manually using the mouse (Ex. from C3 to D3) it doesnt make a preview sound to hear the D3. I know it was default on Cubase 5, how do I turn this function on ?

  2. Im using Axiom 49 keyboard, in cubase 5 when I was clicking on my Axiom notes it was showing the same note clicked on cubase piano roll, how do I turn this option on ?

  3. in cubase 5, when I was clicking on my Axion keyboard, there was a window in the top of the editor show the note i was clicking on (Ex: “current note C3”), how to turn it on ?

Hi and welcome,

  1. There is a speaker button (Audible Feedback) in the editor (on the left side of the toolbar). Enable it.

  2. Are you sure…? Do you mean, the note, you played was displayed on the virtual keyboard in the Key Editor?

  3. Is related to 2.