Piano roll drum kit range limit concern :-)


I booted up my ancient windows PC this evening in the hope of transferring one of my old Cubase SX3 projects into Cubasis. After exporting the midi file from Cubase, I transferred the file onto my iPad and opened it in Cubasis.

The midi drum track was originally done using Addictive Drums, and has midi notes ranging from C1 to around C5.
When I imported the file, I realised that while a drum kit is selected as the midi instrument in Cubasis, you can’t view past E2 in the piano roll.

This makes it very difficult for me to rearrange the original midi notes to fit with the drum kit in Cubasis, as I have to switch to an instrument other than a drum kit to see the midi notes and pull them all down with no idea what they sound like until I change back to a drum kit, so a lot of instrument swapping back and forth needs to be done just to rearrange the midi notes.

Would it not make sense to still let you view the higher notes in the piano roll even if they make no sound when a drum kit is selected? It would certainly help me :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time,


Hi Dan,

You’re correct the midi note range is limited for drum kits (following the assigned single instruments).

A possible workaround for now would be to assign the track to “no instrument” and move the MIDI data in the visible range or connect a drum app via IAA.