Piano roll events

How do I get my piano-roll to show ALL events for that track?

Cubase 11 pro

Select all the events.

Where do I find the dialogue box that will allow me to select?

What I get is the last events recorded showing in piano roll. So building up drum tracks is impossible like this.
This was the default setting.
I don’t want to select/highlight all events just recorded - I simply want to be able to see all events present in that clip - and freely edit and change velocities etc.
Since this is a default setting , then all of you must have done this at least once.
So please get me sorted with this.
Many thanks.

Drum Tracks? Why are you using the piano roll? What about the drum editor? It is nearly impossible to edit drum tracks in the piano roll unless you want to drive yourself mad. What drum programme are you using?

I have BFD3 , and sometimes throw Drumkit from Hell on the Halion.
Would Groove Agent be a better place to work?

There will be times when I want to edit a layered keyboard clip though , and in those instances , the piano roll only shows the last notes played - which is very annoying , and totally unlike the Cubase 5 I did so much work on in 2006.

I assume that you are using the Drum Editor for BFD3? With a layered keyboard part I presume that you are highlighting all the parts you want layered before calling up the editor?

BTW how are you reacting to the recent move of BFD3 from FXpansion to the uncontactable inMusic?

There is no dialogue box. You simply just select all the events with your mouse or you right click the track and choose select all events.

If I record hi-hats first with a click , and later go back and add bass drum and snare to the clip - the hi-hat events are missing from the piano-roll.
No problem selecting what’s there in my view.
Are you saying that if I select all events - that the missing hi-hats will suddenly re-appear in piano-roll?

P/S - I come from an age in which all we had was piano-roll and notator/score.
Groove Agent was not around when I was a recording pro. Plus I have an aversion to pattern drums being thrown at me from all sides - whilst trying to create what’s in my head.

Right, I assumed by “events” you were talking about the events in the arranger window.
Check if your midi recording mode is set to merge.

The drum editor has nothing to do with pattern drums or Groove Agent. It’s just an editor that allows you to create a drum map with names instead of having to remember which midi note correspond to a drum.

BFD3 was a pain to authorise before - is it even harder now then?

Thanks. I’ll give that a go.

Well the FXpansion site is still hosting the software and samples but the Support has been moved to inMusic and they do not answer emails and there is no BFD webpage!!! So goodness knows what is going to happen.