Piano roll : Grid contrast

I’m looking for a way to get more contrast between the white and the black keys in the piano roll …I mean not the keys themself but the lines where you write notes.

I remember in the past I was able to get a white grid … but can’t find how…

I’m on Cubase 13


Preferences > User Interface > Color Scheme > Editor Area Background > Grid Lines.

No, not the grid line …the horizontal lines that represent if you are on a white or black key…


You can change only the Editor Area Background, as far as I know. If you set it light, the black keys will look with higher constrast.

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Preferences > User Interface > Color Scheme > Editor Area Background, don’t expand the editor background but click on the black box beside it (on left) to change the background.

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is was wondering why cubase does this. when u make the background darker to some extent, it switches the scale highlight logic in cubase (the notes in the selected scale rather becomes darker while the non-scale notes become lighter). It should rather stay the same. scale notes lighter, non scale notes darker .

aaaah thanx !