Piano roll help


In the my piano roll-> C3 is at 261.63 Hz. -> should be C4?
-> A3 is at 440 Hz. -> should be A4?

Is there some kind of setting in cubase to adjust the piano roll note names?



It depends. Some manufacturers start on C-2, some on C-1.

Hi Martin:)

Thanks for your help:)

-> yeah, i have seen that… Thats why i was wondering if we can adjust that somehow…

(Working with frequencies right now and the analyser on the EQ has it the other way) - personally, i have gotten used to how it is in cubase and i like it, but it would be nice if we could define that somewhere…

-> either way, its not hindering me in doing anything Or so… Just wondering;)

Thx again, kind sir:)


You can change the Pitch Notation naming in Preferences > Event Display > Chords > Pitch Notation. You can change the Naming Format. But there is no way, how to change the lowest MIDI note, if it’s C-2 or C-1.

I can see A3 in the Key Editor, same Score, same in EQ. A3 is always the a’, ie. 440Hz.