Piano roll issue

perhaps somebody already reported this here. Please let me know if this is the case.
I have an issue concerning Cubasis running on ios 9.2.1 on an ipad mini 2 which can be reproduced as described:

  1. Open a file containing a piano track
  2. Switch on the piano roll mode by double tapping this piano track
  3. Start play back of a song with the “follow playhead” mode switched on
  4. Lock auto scrolling in the piano roll by tapping the small lock symbol
  5. Switching this mode off again should now restart auto scrolling again but it will not.
    You have to tap the “follow playhead” symbol outside the piano roll to restart it.
    Vice versa: Tapping the lock symbol with the “follow playhead” symbol being first inactive and then activate it afterwards will lead to autoscrolling in the piano roll even though the lock is activated

Can anyone confirm this?