Piano roll midi channel

I’m using an organ midi controller with 3 keybeds, that outputs on 3 different channels.
Cubasis is recording the notes correctly, but I don’t see a way to differentiate between the channels.
All the notes look the same, is there a color option to colorize the notes by channel?
How do I specify midi channel from the ‘draw’ button? I can edit the existing notes, but can’t add any new notes per midi channel.


Hi @Gaven,

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Cubasis supports MIDI events of a single track to be opened in the MIDI editor.

Located under “Setup/MIDI/Note Coloring” you have the option to choose between “Track Color”, “Velocity” and “Key” to display notes.

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Thank you for the reply.

Since I can’t differentiate between midi channels within a single track, is there a way to have the 3 midi channels on 3 separate tracks, and all fed to the same auv3 instance?
I wouldn’t want 3 instances of Galileo 2, as there are shared global effects such as the leslie rotor that affect all 3 sounds from the 3 midi channels.

Or do you have any other suggestions on how to best edit the midi in this situation?
(If you have midi channel coloring in a future update, that would be awesome!)

Yes, I have been wondering about this too. It is great that Cubasis does a lot! I think that on the laptop side, to get the channels separated out you have to go with the most expensive version (Pro?) which seems really odd. I could do this with the entry level version of Cakewalk 30 years ago! So for editing a multi-channel single track that was recorded live from an organ, you might be able to find a wrong note in there in Cubasis but for more detailed editing it’s going to be really difficult to find things by midi channel. Are we missing something?