Piano Roll Minor Addition + 'Patcher'

I know there is a chord track feature that could help with this but it wouldn’t improve my workflow. One addition to the piano roll would be the ability to choose a scale and have those notes slightly light up in the piano roll. Also I often select my harmony track as well as my melody track in order to see the chords I want to write over but it can be difficult because when I pen in the notes it sometimes changes which track I am editting. If there could be a way to use my harmony track as a note reference track without changing it that would be great.

Also, and I know this is a long shot, something similar to FL Studios Patcher would be amazing. That would improve my workflow and reduce clutter on my mixes to a LARGE degree.

I know this has been said but a Macro option for multiple automation parameters would be nice. It would only need to be a relatively simple plugin (I claim with very little knowledge of the programming involved).


(Oh if any of these solutions exist already I would love it if you could let me know)

In the Key Editor’s note color drop-down menu select Chord Track - it will color code the notes based on if they are in the current scale, chord or both. Also a selected note’s color will show up on the keyboard.

You can open up multiple instances of the Key Editor (there might be a preference you need to set for this, not at my DAW to check). Open up your harmony track in one window and the part you want to edit in another.

Thank you!