Piano Roll needs some functions

Maybe I am missing a lot, the piano roll is a great feature but almost unusable at the current state.
We would need:
-A function to scroll within the track
-A velocity tool
-A tool for midi draw
-When changing the length of a not we need to see the not getting longer or shorter.
-At the moment it is impossible to drag a note with the mouse (vertically)
-A cycle/loop function

Generally we need the basic functions that are in a sequencer.

I hope this is on your to do list, but I am pretty sure it is.

Thanks for making this an awesome application!

It is very early days with the piano roll - Play mode will get a lot more attention in the next updates. You can actually scroll and zoom: just grab the ruler at the top or the keyboard to the left and then click and drag, or hold down shift to zoom. It will have automation lanes just like in Cubase, so you’ll be able to control the dynamics. As you’ve noticed there’s very little feedback of what’s happening when you’re dragging, so we’ll make it more ‘live’ by showing the current state, overriding the cursor, etc.

Re: dragging vertically - yes, that’s the sort of thing we’d like to do, however it’s not trivial as it has to respell the new pitch appropriately.