Piano Roll - No triplet grid/snap?

Firstly, just some praise for Cubasis. You’ve made long boring train journeys a thing of the past. :smiley:

I’m quite surprised that I can’t see a triplet grid in the Piano Roll? I know the flavour thesedays is for wub-wub-wub-wub 4/4 music, but given we can quantise to triplets, it’s a surprise not to be able to manoeuvre them locked to triplets in the Piano Roll grid?

Unless I’m continually missing something? :confused:


+1 for this

Hi guys,

we added this to our request list!

Thank You!

Thank you for considering this as a new feature Carlos! :slight_smile: (and thanks to surfer and Checkrath for the support)

Since working with arpeggiators back in the Amiga/ST days, I’ve always found triplet sequences add a little spice to 4/4 music, without having to move to odd time signatures.

I agree too. My project has been stopped by this problem. I can’t make a triplets, very sad. Pleace add it for the next update…