Piano Roll not remembering height and zoom levels?

I just finished building an orchestral template in Dorico 3. I find the zoom levels of the piano roll on the play page way to small to work with (see Pic 1), so I made the windows for each instrument much bigger while also zooming in vertically and activating all the extra lanes (dynamics, velocity etc., see picture 2).
However, after doing this for all instruments and closing and reopening the project file, all zoom states have been reset to what you see in Pic 1.
Is this behaviour intended?
I really don’t want to have to do these adjustments every single time I use the piano roll (even more so considering that they are extremely fiddly to do imo), so it would be really great if this can be remembered somehow.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this is how things are for the time being: the settings are remembered during your session, but are not persisted when the project is saved. We hope to improve this in future.

That would be great, thanks for the reply, Daniel! :slight_smile: