Piano roll note labels are off by octave

Windows 10, Cubase 12.0.20.

  1. Create a new instrument track (Halion Sonic, doesn’t seem to matter).
  2. Open the instrument.
  3. Middle C is shown as “C3” on the instrument keyboard (should be C4).
  4. Close instrument and go to the MIDI editor.
  5. The vertical keyboard also has the octave labels shifted -1.

I haven’t tested exported MIDI yet, but my guess is this is a labeling issue only. The MIDI events seem to have the right key numbers, it’s just the labels are off.

This is actually by design. Here’s an explanation about it:

Good to know. Thank you. I’ll delete this then.

This inspired a brief moment of egotistical panic that after a great deal of vocal practice, my highest notes were an entire octave lower than I thought.

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