Hi everybody !

When you select several colored tracks with midi notes (from instruments track) and you open the Piano Roll :
-Is it possible to modify only notes which belong to a specific colored tracks (ex: Horns) and lock the others ?

Because, for me in cubase 10 elements, all tracks could be modified at the same time !!! it’s a big problem.

thanks for your ideas.

Fabrizio (Newbie)

Disclaimer: I don’t have Elements so this might not fully apply in that context.

In the Key Editor in the upper right is a drop down menu that sets how Cubase will color the Notes. By default it is based on Velocity. But you can base it on other things like MIDI Channel number, or what you want - Part. Assuming the Parts you are editing are different colors you can tell which Notes are in which Part based on color.

A little to the left of that is a button that looks like 3 sheets of paper. Enable this to restrict the notes you can edit to a single active Part. You’ll be able to see all the Notes, but if you want to edit Notes that are not in your currently active Part you’ll first need to make their Part active.

hi ! thanks for your answer…it doesn’t work ?
If i have 2 tracks, i could always modify them in piano roll when i click on the notes of a track.
All notes of all tracks could be modified even if the option (3 paper sheet) is true. There is no difference for me. All could be erased !!!
On studio one, i remenber i could lock notes i want and modify the others.

i don’t understand…


Hmmmm, it should work. Attached is an animated gif showing how it works

oh yeah ! perfect your animated gif.
i’ve understood the mechanism. thank you very much !
i 'm a neewbie with cubase (10), it’s a very powerful musical DAW.

Have a nice day !



Yeah, Cubase is powerful but that also means the learning curve can get steep on some stuff.