Piano Roll Quantize Malfunction

I don’t know what settings I clicked, but for some reason my piano roll is messed up. Every time I create a note, it isn’t equal to the quantize amount:

If I set the quantize to 1/1, it creates 1/16th of a whole note. (As seen here> https://image.ibb.co/m3EOwb/Quantize_Bug.png
If I set the quantize to 1/2, it creates 1/8th of a half note.
If I set the quantize to 1/4, it creates 1/4th of a quarter note.

It was never like this before and now I’m not sure why it’s happening. I’m still new to DAWs, so the naming of these terms like “Quantize” might not be accurate to the actual issue. It seems that these settings are now saved and I can’t just restart Cubase to fix this. Thanks for reading, also I am using Cubase LE AI Elements 9.


Right click to the task bar of the Key Editor and enable Length. The make sure the Length is linked with the Quantize.