Piano roll question

Alright ,i try to figure out how to adjust volume levels in beat pattern.
I use piano roll to make a beat and then i would like to adjust volume levels of hit hats lines /kicks lines /snares etc.
How can i control volume level in each line?

normally, in the little window under the piano roll.

You should edit the velocity in the lane beneath the piano roll. Each vertical line represents the volume of the individual note.

If you have a version of Cubase that has the Drum editor you will find it easier to do this in that editor.

surprisingly i cant see mentioned window under piano roll
maybe i should enable it somewhere ???

Then you can create it in the lower left of the editor.

Got it cheers!

sorry for another question but don’t want to open a new thread
how to make same length of tracks. i tried to put synth to the beat but synth loop is longer. Dunno how to adjust its length. I use quantize but it doesn’t solve the length problem.

how to make them precisely same ?


I would recommend to open a new thread. This has nothing to do with the Piano Roll.

Enable Snap, and set the Snap to the Grid, if your events are snapped to the grid, or to the Events, if you are working out of grid.