Piano Roll questions

I’ve been using a different DAW for quite some and got really used to its Piano Roll. I got Cubase 9 pro a while ago but just recently I’m really starting to use it as my main tool for composing. I’m no keyboard player and have relied on Piano Roll for composing ever since I started.

My 1st question is: Is there a way to keep the properties (mostly length and velocity) of the last not I placed or moved onto the next one? I know holding Alt duplicates the note, but it’s not ideal, and having to adjust each note’s velocity can be a pain.

*edit: I already found how to do what I asked in question 2
My 2nd question is: Is there a way to simultaneously adjust the velocity of all selected notes? Like a slider to decrease or increase the value of a whole bunch of notes? Let’s say I have a staccato string section with accented chords (“DU-nu-nu-DU-nu-nu…”), and I want to make the “nu” notes quieter. Is there a way to just decrease all of those notes’ volume by, say, 10?

Thanks in advance

Cubase provides both Quantize Presets and Length Quantize.

If you’re using Step Entry then you may record the Velocities as well, or not.

Thanks for your reply.
I know about quantization and it’s not it. What I need is for Cubase to automatically make my next note be the same length and velocity as the last note I touched. I’m talking about clicking notes into existence with a mouse within the Piano Roll, not playing through a MIDI controller.
Since I often need exact velocity values, recording note velocities isn’t really a good choice, because I’d have to re-adjust every single one.