Piano Roll settings

6 years ago I moved to Cubase from FL studio, and i still miss one powerfull thing from FL Stduio.
Its Piano Roll, especially:
Mouse1 write midi note
mouse2 earse midi note
its super useful, and save lots of time

also, if u click mouse1 at any midi note it will copy that note, then if u push mouse1 they will paste that midi note

i attach short gif file, there i didnt use keyboard just mouse1 & mouse2

Perhaps this would help somewhat (or not), the draw (pen) tool is 8 and the erase tool is 5 (key commands).

This topic drives me crazy. Here’s why, it is soooooooooo much faster creative inspiring and easy to have a smarter input note delete note system, you can zip around the piano roll at lightning speed trying out different note placements, it’s great for experimentation and would benefit everyone interested in speeding up there creative workflow.

the drum editor already has this press once place press again delete I am okay keeping things the same but adding a new smart tool or allowing some customization as to how the pencil tool works.

For example why not just allow that when using the select tool = arrow tool double click enters note double click delete note, it is so much faster and inspiring than switching between draw and erase tools.

I personally know many programmer type electronic artists= meaning they do most of there work inputing notes with a mouse, that do not use cubase only for this reason. We call it the right clicky finicky tool switching key editor.

What really effects me is how easy this could be implemented cubase is the absolute only daw that has not improved this.
Most people using cubase who have not explred other DAWS in depth and written with them in a more mouse programming style (not play it in first then edit) but all notes inserted and programmed with a mouse and keyboard, have no idea what they are missing.

especially if you are using a laptop and trackpad to get ideas down before hitting the main studio.

I am hoping steinberg implement this at some point.

huge +1

A No brainer!

I dunno if I support this =specific= request, but yeah, the whole note entry deal is —WAY— too slow.

My personal grouse is that there is no -easy- way to enter notes with different velocities.

There have been tons of posts about ‘smart tools’.

The thing is that yer ALWAYS frickin’ having to hit another key to switch between tools or velocities or -whatever-. And don’t get me started on switching to the controller lanes.

It is literally exhausting.

My point is that all this was -fine- 10 years ago. But that’s the problem: NOTHING has changed in 10 years. The whole concept needs a makeover.


+1 (also for other areas where cubase uses old concepts)

I agree this old school method needs to be revised. Along with fully delay compensated
Automation with curves and clips.

Carthago delenda est. :laughing: