Piano roll view -- why aren't the changes I make playing?

I entered a simple trumpet/trombone duet to see if fermatas playback. They don’t.

So I opened the piano-roll view, and extended the notes which the fermatas are over, significantly (more than double what they originally showed) but when I initiate playback, there is no difference in the length of those notes as they play back.

What am I missing?
Tpt Tbn duet sample.zip (105 KB)

Changing the lengths of notes in Play mode does work, but not for the very final note of a flow, I’m afraid. I’m not sure whether I consider this a bug but it’s obviously not helpful in this specific circumstance!

Thanks for the reply, Daniel. At least I’m not going crazy – it’s not supposed to work as I had hoped.

Will Dorico interpret fermatas in playback in the future?

Yes, definitely. It’s only a matter of time (no pun intended).