Piano Roll View

I’m not sure I was able to find the solution to this in the forums or in the help guide, but is there a way to increase the viewable area of the piano roll in Play mode? You can see a reference to what I’m talking about in this video here (synced to exact location)… https://youtu.be/xqzR8f4hpW0?t=1m13s



If I understand you correctly, then yes. I’m on my phone and can’t screenshot it at the moment. So please forgive my rough explanation.

Go to PLAY > move the mouse over the divider between tracks/lanes and just to the left of the track name, and left of the arrow which expands the track. This is an empty area. When you click the dividers in this empty area you can drag the them to expand the viewable area of the piano roll. It’s very rough right now, but this seems to be one of the next things they will improve on. So with a bit of patience it should get easier soon. :slight_smile: either way that should get you what you want for now.

I’ll try to post a screenshot when I can.

-Sean Jackson

You’re totally right. That worked.
It really is a tiny area so it’s hard to have guessed the utility of that exact spot. There’s definitely room for improvement there, as you said.
But yes, that seems to do the trick. Thanks very much for your help!


CTRL+0 (zero) will hide all the windows to let the play scroll take up the full width of the screen.