Piano score from Cubase to Dorico has issues?

First off - I would be considered a newbie for pro engraving software. Most of my film/TV work I have used orchestrators that take my midi files and prepare music for live recordings. But I have found a lot of need of late to do this myself on smaller scale projects / budgets (string quartets + pno for example.)

On this ‘first’ Dorico project I have prepared the piano and 4 strings parts in Cubase’ score editor and the string parts export over (MusicXML) wonderfully (look great btw)…BUT the piano part has issues.

Stems are connected between staffs if there is something going on with left and right hand at the same time. In the Cubase score it ‘shows’ properly ‘split’ at my designated assignment (in my case I told it to ‘split’ at A2) - but in Dorico a note played in the left hand (bass clef) has it’s stem run all the way from that lower note to a note in the right hand (treble clef). How do I get these stems ‘separated’ and looking correct?

I’ll never being using Dorico for directly writing within program (always work my scores within Cubase and then export Music XML)

Thanks for any help you can be. Really do love the software and see it being used quite a bit moving forward.

(BTW - I always get on importing MusicXML a ‘MusicXML validation failed’ message. 'ERROR - Element 'midi-program: 0 is not a valid value of the atomic type ‘midi-128’. As I mentioned the string parts look great even though they ALSO get this message on import.)

Well - I think I may have stumbled on a solution. In Cubase’s score editor - DON’T set the ‘staff mode’ to ‘split’ - like you would do in Cubase (for piano) but to ‘Polyphonic’. Seems to show properly now. STILL get the error message though???

Which version of Cubase are you running, Rob? I believe that the error message you’re seeing concerning the invalid value for the midi-program element is fixed in both the last 8.5 maintenance release, and in the current 9.0 maintenance release.

Yea I am on the latest version ( I think ) 8.5.2

Hey I just noticed I must have missed one - 8.5.3 – I’ll grab that in just a bit. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. LOVE the software.