Piano score: softer attack in chords

While the default piano - HALion Sonic SE Yamaha S90ES - generally sounds fairly acceptable, the playback of one type of texture - sequence of chords - comes out pretty rough, pounding; despite them being under the slur.
I tried to extend the timing for legato notes, and it helped a little bit, but it’s still pretty percussive (no offense to percussionists).
Are there any known tweaks of playback settings that would make the chords in piano score sound smoother, softer?
Just to be clear: I’m not talking about dynamics?

Igor Borodin

I select multiple notes in Play mode and drag the length there.

Or a tenuto?

Physically, you’re dealing with hammer…only dynamics can change the sound.

Or altering the attack in HALion seems to help.

Thank you, Derrek. The combination of Filter and Amplifier did help. Althouhgh, it’s still pretty far from Bechstein :slight_smile:, the output is definitely more acceptable.
I don’t know why I failed to look at the HALion’s ‘Edit’ options.

All I can say: listen to the recordings of good pianists!!!
And, on the technical side: the speed of the hammer inevitably affects the frequency spectrum of the string’s vibration. That’s why acoustic characteristics of an attack always include timbre modulation.

They also deal only with hammers and dynamics. Sorry to say there’s no hidden magic on that matter, even with the greatest pianists :wink:
The speed of the hammer is exactly what is called “dynamics”.

For your specific problem I suggest that you assign different velocity to each note in the chord. Usually we play the top note a bit louder than the general dynamic and the remaining notes below the genral dynamic to get a “soft” sound. Adding a small delay in timing will also help: all notes should not be stroked at the same time.

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