Piano score

I am interested in possibly purchasing Dorico. I have Nuendo 11 and generally like the scoring software.

One thing that would be nice would be a program that more intelligently figures out a piano part and does better job of assigning the notes entered to the respective clefs with less work to fix things than it would take in Nuendo’s scoring program.

Would Dorico make things easier in that regard?

munchkin, there are 30day trial versions, probably a good possibility to find out, whether your needs can be fulfilled.

I do not use nuendo, so I cannot directly compare the two. What I can tell you is that you can set your “split point” on the keyboard where everything above that goes up and everything below goes down, so if you know that a pieces is going to be in a certain key and range, you can adjust that reference point which may make things a little easier. It’s also very easy to switch which stave notes are on by pressing alt+n or alt+m to move them up or down.

Dorico for iPad already includes some significant improvements in terms of the intelligence of its transcription of keyboard textures from imported MIDI files or real-time recording. These improvements will be coming to Dorico 4 as well, when it arrives early next year.

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