Piano Split point inputting issue

I have seen there has been a bit of discussion on the forum on the issue, but I found nothing it could help. As mostly everybody , I guess, I am used to input chords step my step on the piano staff with both hands. Dorico’s usual behaviour has been that of spitting the notes above or below C4 on the upper and lower staff. Now something has changed, maybe because of some wrong command I gave without being aware of the error… (maybe) … Is there a way to set the split point o f the piano staff to where I need it? … Please note: I do not mean during recording or importing midi files, but during step by step note input. Thank you

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Can you explain what changed?

And look at this:

Are you inputting into both staves at once I.e. have you expanded the caret into both staves, or is it just in the one where notes are appearing?

Yes Daniel. Sorry I may have not been clear enough, Of course I am writing on both staves expanding the caret. The problem is I get all the notes on the upper stave except the bass on the lower one. I wonder if there is an option to restablish the situation.

To Chistian… I have visited the topic you mentioned. Unfortunately there is no answer to the case.

I believe my post in that thread (marked as Solution) was the answer to the wrong question. There I described the situation when extending the caret across multiple single staff instruments.

For step-time entry into a grand staff instrument Dorico does use a fixed split point. This can be changed in the midi import options dialog – but only by importing a midi file. Did you do that at some point?

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Yes Mark. I agree with you. In my case there is only regular piano writing on two staves in a single input. No midi import. Thank you