Piano staff question

I’m scoring a piano part with a grand staff. I can set the split point but I would like to vary the split point from bar to bar. Sometimes I want notes around middle C to be in the bass clef and other times in the treble clef. Can I select the notes in question and assign them to a clef? I know this can be done but forgot how to do that. Thanks!

I can now move bass clef notes into the treble clef (right click or control click gives me that option) but they are still stemmed to the bass clef notes and I can’t get them stemmed properly with the treble clef notes yet. This would help 'cause the bass clef notes are played with the left hand and the treble clef notes played with the right. I would like my split point to vary from bar to bar.

Set up your staff as polyphonic, with one voice for each staff. Then set channels to assign them to a clef.

Thanks SteveInChicago! If I have any more q’s I’ll post again… :slight_smile:

Polyphonic staff is working for me, with 1 voice for each staff. If I have notes in the lower staff (bass clef) and I want them in the upper staff (treble clef) I’m not yet able to move or reassign those notes but I can erase them and write new ones into the upper staff by selecting that staff on the left (dark vertical bar) and then clicking in the note(s). Selecting the staff first puts the voice number in the insert bar on the upper left and allows the score editor to ignore the split point. -My written out piano parts are moving forward!! :mrgreen: Is there a way to select a note on a staff and then assign it to a different voice in order to move it to a different staff?

Just right click on the note and you have an option to move it to the other voice associated with the other staff.

Right click, yes! Thanks for that. I’m now rolling better than ever!

Hi there
I have been using Cubase 8 Pro for recording but I have just started editing music score. I am unable to move piano notes from the Bass clef to the Treble above the split point. The split point is at F#2 and the note I want moved is F2 to be displayed in the Treble clef and attached to other Treble notes ( like eighth notes or sixteenth notes). Right now I have a rest in the Treble and the note is in the bass clef . I tried your technique but I dont see any option to move the note. Can you please help.

Use a Split Point only if the lowest note in the Treble Staff will always be higher than the highest note in the Bass Staff.

If like in your example you have notes where the highest note you want in the Bass Staff is above the lowest note you want in the Treble Staff then do not use the Split Point. Instead use Polyphonic which is designed to deal with this situation. It lets you use the MIDI channel number to determine the staff each note appears on.