Piano staff size

I’m doing a piece with piano harmonics in it, and I want to have a third staff in between the bass and treble which shows the sounding pitch of the harmonics. In order not to be too intrusive, I’d like this to be significantly smaller than regular size staffs. I know how to make a 3-system piano part using xml and importing, but when I try to change the staff size with the staff size dialogue, all the staffs change, not only the middle one. Is there any solution to this?

Does this help?


If you absolutely must, you might get away with creating an extra player and dragging its staff in between the piano staves, but this is work-intensive and fiddly. Perhaps you could notate sounding pitches in a different voice instead? An extra staff will always be intrusive, in my opinion.

Thanks musicmaven, but doing that to a piano staff changes all the staves, not just the one I want.

LSalgueiro, it’s an option, I suppose… perhaps the only one. I was hoping to find a way around it. I know it’s intrusive, which is why I want it to be as small as possible… Leaving it out altogether is also an option I’m considering, and just putting all the harmonics in a note at the front

My opinion is that it would look appropriate to put the reduced size harmonics staff above the piano, keeping the piano correctly braced with no intervening staff.

If it’s a solo piano piano piece (even if it isn’t, but it’s just that it would be even fiddlier), and if there are not too many sections with harmonics, you can get excellent result with separate flows slapped into music frames. Here’s what it looks like for a simple passage:

The 2nd flow is a flute, unused instruments are removed from flows, and a combination of sizing the flow and fearlessly using the note spacing tool for the ossia gets a very clear result. Afterwards, the master page would have to be edited to only display the first flow. I didn’t get rid of the stems, but that can be done too.