Piano Stave Dynamics

Looking forward to having different dynamics on each staff simultaneously playback.

spin, this was already possible as long as you
a) entered dynamics from the caret and
b) closed the popover with Alt+Enter

Note to John Barron: I think it could be useful to dedicate some time in a future Discover Dorico session to show how to perform such a thing (setup the piano playback channels and input the dynamics, attached to each staff).

Not if you’re using NP.

The forthcoming NotePerformer update will tackle this problem, using the new ‘Secondary volume type’ feature we’ve added in Dorico 3.

Thanks! This works. Still catching up with features and getting used to the app. :wink:

Is it possible in a piano score to have the dynamics to show between the two staves by default? If I have notes only in the left hand, the dynamics will appear below this staff, but I would like them to show up between right and left hand staff. Now I have to specify this by selcting them and specify to show above using the placement option, but it would be a time saver if you could set this to a default option.

Why not just add the dynamic to the top stave? You can always enter it on the bottom stave and then use Alt-N to move it up, or if you want to attach it to the bottom stave then F will flip it above.

Thanks for replying this quick. Putting the dynamics in the top staff could be an option, but what I referred to is when there are only rests in the upper stave, then this won’t work always well, especially with more crowded dynamics.

Hitting ‘F’ didn’t come to mind, will give that a try.

You can add 1/8 notes in upper stave then delete them once dynamics are in. When I’ve done this I have a bar of notes copied to the clipboard.

I just tried the Flip option and it works really well. I feel a bit stupid that I didn’t think of that myself. But that’s where a forum like this is for, I think, to learn from each other.

I just read through this thread and I wasn’t able to figure out if it’s actually currently possible to apply separate dynamics to the two hands in a piano score. Can this be done? Can it be done easily in a manner that doesn’t require manual volume manipulation in Play for every dynamic?

Dear TWM,

Pianoleo answered that question a while ago in this thread!

Thanks Marc! You’re right, I misunderstood what he was talking about there!

Hi! It’s nice to have Alt+Enter feature to enter different dynamics for voices. It would be nice that it would be entered automatically - if one dynamic is entered, it works for both piano hands, but if entered second dynamic, then Dorico could do voice splitting automatically. I’m sure that’s why we use computers at all.

I tried to assign crescendo and diminuendo for voices differently, but didn’t achieve result I needed. So left hand is playing pp while right hand does crescendo or diminuendo.

Dorico’s ALT+ENTER is more subtle than simply adding dynamics to left hand or right hand since it adds the dynamic to Voices. That allows one to bring out, say, the melody in the right hand while keeping the RH accompaniment softer.

While having Dorico automatically add a different dynamic to different hands might save a click or two in some cases, it might also complicate adding different dynamics to different voices in the same hand.