Piano staves (from midi import) do not play notes

I work in dorico from a cubase midi import.
I find without problem and I listen to all my default instruments with Halion Sonic, but I have a problem with the piano instrument: it only plays certain notes of the staves. And sometimes after various modifications of the score or in the distribution of instruments, with a bit of luck, finally all the notes are played. What is it due to? What to do concretely to remedy the problem?

Hi Jean-Louis !
I’m sorry I don’t really understand what’s going on… Could you be more specific or share a cut-down project?

Perhaps the notes have very low velocity? Try selecting all the notes and doing Play > Reset Playback Overrides.

No, sorry, notes not heard during playback have the correct velocity. I know this because when I click on those notes, I hear them perfectly like the ones that are read and heard when playing.
This is an issue with playing the piano score sequentially, i.e. when performing the playback on a dual-staff system. The notes are played more or less randomly when I trigger playback.

Hi Marc
All the notes sound when I click on each of them in this score (see below).
When I start playing, we only hear the following notes:
1st staff measure 47: c. And bar 48: C natural, and the next three eighth notes.
2nd staff bar 47: e . Measure 48: the Cb chord, the E eighth note, the A quarter note and the following 2 eighth notes.
In bars 49, 50 and 51, only the series of sixteenth notes are played in the 1st staff.
Clearly there is a problem of simultaneity of the notes which arises.
I wonder if this is all enlightening…

Piano staves notes non playing

Can you attach the project itself here, Jean-Louis?

I managed to solve the problem by enabling independent playback of voices in the playback panel.