Piano Sustain Pedal Retakes Not Showing

I’ve gotten great help from this Forum recently, so I’m throwing out one more issue I’ve found:
I’m running Dorico Version on a MacBook Pro running Sonoma 14.2.1 – I’ve been editing a piano part with simple arpeggiated chords with the pedal taken each bar (see attached screenshot).

I wanted to align the pedal lines so they line up horizontally, and entered the first Pedal marking and tried to enter retakes in the subsequent bars. The problem is that none of the retakes are showing, no matter how I enter them. I tried entering them with the popover (Shift-P) with ^ and “retake”, one bar at a time, multiple bars at a time, just in the left hand or with the whole grand staff selected – nothing. Tried clicking from the retake symbol in the Playing Techniques panel – no dice. Tried entering them with Edit>Notations>Pedal Lines>Add Retake – still no. Can someone show me what I’m missing?

(PS – Tried entering each bar as a separate new Pedal marking as in the first bar, but they don’t line up. I could adjust each one individually in Graphic Editing. I’d very much prefer retakes, which would have a cleaner look and be more readable.)

It looks like your Pedal line only lasts for one bar and I don’t imagine that you can have a pedal retake for a pedal line that finishes before the retake… if that makes sense…

You need to begin the pedal line with the popover during note entry, advance the caret and enter ^ where desired, and then advance the caret to where you want the pedal line to end, entering * in the popover where it ends.

Follow the steps below, particularly steps 6 and 7:

There’s also a more specific task for retakes here – there’s a note at the beginning that clarifies the steps only apply to sustain pedal lines with the Line continuation type, but perhaps it could be even more explicit that the pedal line needs to cover the duration in which you want to add retakes.

Thanks, folks! Those reminders worked.