Piano trio can't adjust spaces between staves

I’m in the process of inputting this score into Dorico and the grand staff piano is too close to the strings. I’ve tried adjusting all the staff to staff options in layout>vertical spacing>staff to … and nothing changes. Am I missing something? thanks.

Are you in galley view? If so, this setting is applied in galley view (where Dorico doesn’t do other collision avoidance etc). Otherwise, whether or not pages are vertically justified might well factor in - the “Ideal Gaps” are really minimum gaps on top of which Dorico adds extra space if needed for high/low notes, dynamics etc.

Thank you for the reply. I only rarely use galley view. I’ve played around with your suggestions and had some better results but will still have to do some things manually.

Can you show us a screenshot or something that might help?

Have you tried adjusting the ideal gap of staff group to staff group? Assuming your 2 strings are grouped and the piano braced (grouped).

I actually have arrived at a good solution but it took some playing around with the staff groups.
Thanks for the suggestions.

You may want to tweak the minimum gaps between text objects and the staff (in Engrave > Engraving Options > Text). E.g. the “faster” marking in bar 125 sits far enough from the staff to push the two staff groups further apart. Likewise, you may want to increase slightly the minimum vertical gap between playing techniques and the staff, as compared to the text markings, the détaché marking in b.123 looks quite close to the staff.

Decreasing minimum gaps for notations reduces vertical spacing as those gaps contribute to the minimum space Dorico allows between staves.

Thanks for the reply Lillie, the work is still being edited so I haven’t gotten there yet.