Piano velocities not effecting dynamics

When I adjust velocities on my piano track, there is no change in playback. I’ve tried loading a couple playback templates (Halion, Noteperformer, etc), and none of them are working. I checked the expression maps just to be sure. I’m not sure where to begin to diagnose this problem.

EDIT: In this project I had previously overridden some velocities, and those are playing back as expected. However, if I reset playback overrides, then I can no longer change them. Also, I can enter dynamics and get the correct results, I just can’t edit them. I’m stumped.

EDIT #2: I figured it out, although I think it’s a bug. It’s related to my other post: Editing velocities of non-adjacent notes

If I use the multi-select tool to drag the velocities of the selected notes, the changes don’t effect playback. If I use the histogram, it works. I much prefer the multi-select tool, because A) it’s less clicking, and B) I can see the velocities I’m editing going up and down in relation to all the other surrounding velocities, and the histogram doesn’t have that visual feedback, sometimes causing me to go back and forth a few times, even more clicking.

This problem has already been reported in this thread:

We plan to fix this issue in the first maintenance release, though at the time of writing it is not yet fixed.

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