Hi What do you called this window in pianoroll and how do you deleted?


This is named Expression Map Editor. It appears if you double-click the MIDI Note (if the Double-Click opens Note Expression Editor option is enabled in the tool-bar). By default this option is disabled (since Cubase 11 if I remember correctly) and the MIDI Note becomes delete once you double-click it. In the older version the Note Expression Editor always appeared if you double-clicked the MIDI Note (the option of deleting the MIDI Notes wasn’t there).

Once the Note Expression Editor open, you can click out of the Note Expression Editor to close it.

Hi, Thanks. Can you show me where the tool-bar for enable the note expression option? I don’t want this popup when I double click on a midi note. I am most a Logic user and double click in Logic with one finger is to erase a midi note.


I can see it at your screenshot. You can see the white button (Snap On/Off) next to the “Grid” field. 2nd button on the left side from the Snap On/Off is the one you are searching for.

I’m just wondering, it looks disabled. Try to enable and disable it again, please.

Hi I found it now but it does’t work correctly, I can’t turn it off. Howerver I found how to click it away.

It’s the E

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