Pianoteq 6.4 goes microtonal

From the Pianoteq change log:

•The VST3 plugin is now able to take into account the “tuning” parameter of VST3 note events (useful for users of alternative tunings in Dorico).

It certainly works for 24-EDO. And since Dorico is explicitly mentioned, I guess it works for anything else you might want to throw at it.

This isn’t really my scene, but I’m tempted to use it to make a mock-up of Haydn’s piano sonata Hob. XVI:47, written for someone who had a reputation of being picky about intonation. In the last movement, the music stops a couple of times, while the performer imitates a piano tuner fixing an out-of-tune octave…


I’d not seen the update. Very cool, thanks.

Two updates, actually… I think we’re on 6.4.1 now.

I think 6.4.1 was just an “oops, we messed something up when we released 6.4” update. It’s not the first time that’s happened at Pianoteq.

Rob, though your post is accurate, its title strikes me as a bit misleading - Pianoteq has been able to handle Scala tunings for a good few years…

AFAIK you can’t use Scala tuning for more than 12 tones per octave unless the MIDI-generating program can also handle Scala, which Dorico does not.

I agree you could use Scala to set arbitrary 12-tone temperaments in previous versions of Pianoteq, but I didn’t think “microtonal” meant something as restrictive as that.

VST3 note events in Dorico may have problems playing more than 12 simultaneous notes per octave on a single MIDI channel, or several simultaneous notes with almost identical pitches, but that is a lot less restrictive than a fixed mapping of 12 notes per octave to 12 pitches per octave for the whole score.