Pianoteq 6 does not appear in VST instruments list

Hi, I am running MacOS BigSur, Dorico 3.5 SE and Pianoteq 6.

Pianoteq 6 does not appear in the VST Instruments drop down menu.
Does anybody know how to fix this?

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Check if the dll synth file is in the right map where cubase detects and be sure its 64 bit
good luck

That’s right. Go to Edit > Preferences and choose the VST Plug-ins tab. First make sure that the path to the Pianoteq plug-in is specified in the upper half (when on Mac, it should already be).
Then, have a look at the lower part and move Pianoteq from the Blocked list to the Allowed list. After doing this you need to restart Dorico and it should turn up in the list of available plug-ins.

just to add that Pianoteq 6 is a vst3 so it shouldn’t be necessary to use the vst2 version as per Ulf’s instructions. Simply check in Macintosh HD:/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/. If it’s not, it might be worth reinstalling Pianoteq as a few users seem to have reported that the vst3 didn’t get installed.

Was Pianoteq 6 already VST3.? I know that 7 is, but not sure when the switch came.

I use Pianoteq 6.7.3 and it’s definitely the vst3 version as vst2 is listed as blocked. Have had no problems with it! Probably the change did come with 6

Yes, 4 years ago :innocent:

Thank you all for your support, I upgraded to version 7 and the issue resolved by it self.

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