Pianoteq 6

Pianoteq 6 crashes Dorico. How can I make it work?

Could you please post a diagnostic report (Help > Create Diagnostic Report)?

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Dorico worked fine with the previous version of Pianoteq, but then refused to work with the latest version (6.6), crashing Dorico in the process.

I started up Cubase to see if there was a problem there - no problem. I then restarted Dorico and loaded up a solo piano template with Pianoteq 6.6 and it worked perfectly. Maybe upgrading Pianoteq while Dorico was still open created a problem?

Hi Ulf. I cannot paste the crash report because it is too long, and cannot attach it as a PDF. Can I email this to you?

Please choose from Dorico’s main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report, that creates a zip file on your desktop. Please attach it here.
Among log data that will also contain the crash report

Thanks! Here it is.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (473 KB)

Thanks for your response! I don’t know the cause, and the only way to make Dorico work again is to restart my computer!

What exactly is happening with you? Is it crashing/hanging while shutting down Dorico? Please explain a little in detail.

There are 3 crash dumps from the audio engine with a known pattern. It’s crashing during shutting down and that might hold Dorico from also shutting down.
We have a fix for this that will come in an update early next year.

The crashes occur when i want to quit and save the project. I was starting a new piano piece using pianoteq. I click save, and Dorico does not quit, it just hang out. The only remedy is to force quit the program, that appears as “not responding”. If I try afterwards to reopen Dorico it does not open, and again appears as not responding. The only remedy is to restart the computer and then I can use Dorico again. I hope that this can be solved, since Pianoteq is a must for me!

As I said, we have already a fix, but it is waiting to come out with the next update.
If you can’t open Dorico again, don’t restart the computer but open Activity Monitor and have a look for a process called VSTAudioEngine.
Kill that and then start Dorico, it should work again.

Thanks Ulf. I will wait for the update!