Pianoteq 7 does not support VST3 microtuning [SOLVED]

…or rather, I suspect, the new version introduced a bug. I will be in contact with Modartt. Pianoteq 6 was, so far, the only third-party instrument (in addition to NotePerformer) that supported Dorico’s microtonal playback as defined in a Tonality System. It is not enough that the VST instrument is VST3. It has to support the VST3 tuning parameter, and none do, except some Steinberg’s synths and NotePerformer. And Pianoteq 6, although, contrary to what their web page says, I believe they actually used the VST2 per-note tuning parameter for the microtuning. This in mind, I tried to whitelist the Pianoteq 7 VST2 module in Dorico (3.5) but it did not appear on the instrument list.

You should be able to whitelist the VST2.x version of Pianoteq 7, so far as I know. If you choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file, we can take a look and see if any clues are contained within.

don’t you just have to activate MIDI-tuning in PT7 options?


Thank you jesele, that’s it! I wasn’t aware of the MIDI Tuning button because there’s no such button in Pianoteq 6. (I also think it’s somewhat unintuitive to call it MIDI Tuning when it applies to this tuning method which is not MIDI but a VST3 parameter.)

Great, I remebered seing this in another thread here somewhere…