Pianoteq 8 Plugin not visible in Instruments

I can’t select the “Pianoteq 8” plugin in the instrument section of a layer, its not visible there.
Starting VST Live it shows “Pianoteq part 1” for some seconds in the preload Window.
The “Plugin information dialog” says it is installed (Version
But it does not appear in the drop down menu or the instruments section of the sidebar.

And : yes, i can use many other plugins that are installed …
And : yes I can the Pianoteq VST as a stand alone with no problems.

Thanks for help.

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… sorry, fixed and ready for the next update.

See you,

Hi there,
I have the exact same issue: Pianoteq 8 Plugin is not visible in Instruments although the standalone version seems to work fine.
-Cubase 8.5.30 (64-bit)
-Mac Pro 5.1

hi Rovomils, welcome. Fix is on the way very soon.

Works with VST Live 1.1.20 now.

Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to it!